Cucumber Bites

Is anyone else ready for Christmas break?? Up before the sun and in bed late, pretty much 6 days a week, has me ready for a break!! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE being a “stay-at-home” Mom (who is rarely home LOL), driving my daughter to her many different activities and spending time with her…we make our driving time FUN! I know she’ll probably be driving on her own soon and I’ll be missing our times together.


One of our quick and easy lunches we make a couple times a week is Cucumber Bites. These are super easy, light but filling and so yummy!

I found a recipe online years ago, but over the years I’ve changed it a bit and now I just eyeball the ingredients and don’t really follow a recipe. I’ll try to be specific with the ingredient amounts, but really, just mix according to your own taste/consistency  🙂


Whip the cream cheese in a mixer until light, and well, kind of fluffy. Add approx 1/4 cup Mayonnaise and 1 packet Italian dressing mix, stir/whip until combined. Add more mayo to taste or for thinner consistency.


Slice 1 English cucumber, chop 2-3 Tbsp dill and set aside. I use unenriched whole wheat bread because of my health issues (my story) …but you can also use a baguette or any type of bread. Cut bread in squares or use a round cutter to cut into circles.

Spread cream cheese mixture onto each piece of bread, top with a slice of cucumber and sprinkle with fresh dill. That’s it!! So simple yet so yummy!


I like to store the extra cucumbers and spread in separate containers in the fridge and we make these a couple times a week.



Two more weeks until Christmas Break!! I’m counting down the days  🙂

What are you looking forward to in the coming weeks? Drop me a note  🙂


Please share this recipe with your friends and family. If you make this recipe, please comment below and/or add your own pictures. Thanks for stopping by!

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