Keto Holiday Dessert Ebook

20 Keto friendly dessert recipes – complete with a photo of each dessert.



My family has been suggesting for some time now that I write a keto cookbook. I have friends, and readers, who email and message me on a pretty consistent basis to ask me for recipes. This time of year the requests seem to be mostly for Keto-friendly desserts and treats. 

So, I’ve been busily preparing, shopping, baking, experimenting with my recipes and yes, taste testing…alot! It’s been so much fun and I’ve really enjoyed the time baking with my daughter.

I want to say a huge thank you to my family – I greatly appreciate their extra help and encouragement. They jumped in and helped tremendously with content advice and many hours of editing so that I could publish before the Thanksgiving holiday – and you have time to shop for ingredients, and plan ahead with these treats and desserts!!

Creating this cookbook has brought back a spark of creativity to my life that I’ve been missing. I’m so excited to share my first cookbook with you all! 

My hope is that you’ll love these recipes and be excited to share LifewithStef with your friends and family.

20 Keto Holiday Favorites

Downloadable eBook $14.99
Sale $4.99

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All proceeds from the sale of  “Keto Holiday Desserts” will go toward creating the next book!

I’d love feedback on what type of book you’d like to see next… I’ve listed a few of my own ideas below and I’d love to hear yours as well!! Leave your vote in the comments below!

“Keto End-Zone Favorites”                                 
“20 Ways to Chaffle”
“Quick and Easy Keto Dinners”                         
“Keto on a Budget”

I’ll be posting more recipes in the next few days as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday – be sure to sign up for notifications! You won’t want to miss my Keto-friendly recipes for cranberry celebration salad and southern “corn”-bread dressing.

~ Stef

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