Sneak Peek!

Keto friendly desserts I'm currently working on writing a Keto dessert e-book. My days off from my part-time office job have been filled with writing, researching, baking, taste-testing (YUM!) and alot of clean-up haha! My goal is to have the e-book ready in the next two weeks so you'll have some great Keto dessert options … Continue reading Sneak Peek!

Meal Prep

Happy Sunday!  Today started out a little rough...I didn't hear my alarm go off this morning so I woke up an hour late!!... but after a great morning at church and a good hearty lunch with family, the day has certainly turned around and it's been fun and productive. I usually try to meal prep … Continue reading Meal Prep

Cucumber Bites

Is anyone else ready for Christmas break?? Up before the sun and in bed late, pretty much 6 days a week, has me ready for a break!! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE being a "stay-at-home" Mom (who is rarely home LOL), driving my daughter to her many different activities and spending time with … Continue reading Cucumber Bites