Chicken Burrito Bowl (Instant Pot)

Today did not go as I had planned…at. all. But sometimes we need days like today. I messed up my back somehow first thing this morning  😦   yeah, not the best way to start a day but hey, I pushed through and did my Mom stuff…because we all know that Mom’s don’t stop! (Although we should) …I took Faith to school, went to the post office to mail a package, did some light grocery shopping (takes a long time when you can barely walk), home to put groceries away…very slowly. I thought if I kept moving, maybe my back would get better…yeah, no. I did laugh a bit as I was doing all of these things, I wasn’t complaining or grumpy, but laughing, thinking how old (and out of shape!) I feel today and how funny I must look stiffly hunched over walking around! A verse came to my mind mid-morning that a friend had texted me earlier in the week…I’m very thankful for her and for this verse that helped me through the rest of this day…I find myself wondering why I needed the slow down though. What was the Lord saving me from experiencing today? I’m thankful. I’m grateful. I’m thankful He watches over me and knows the things that lie ahead that I don’t see. I’m thankful for songs He puts in my heart. When I’m down, or having a rough day, I can look to the Lord for strength. Thankfully, it didn’t take me all day to figure this out…by noon I had finally stopped long enough to listen, to seek out the Lord and what He was trying to tell me, and I slowed down and rested in Him 🙂

I hope this verse helps you today…



So, I thought I’d post a quick recipe today since I’m currently sitting and resting my back.

Chicken Burrito Bowl … yum! It’s a quick meal that I threw together the other day for lunch. Yes, I again used my Instant Pot…I really am thrilled with this product!!

Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

1 frozen chicken breast (cut into chunks)

1/2 Cup water

1/4 Cup favorite salsa

1 pkg Southwest Vegetable Blend (it’s a mix of peppers, onion, corn and black beans)

salt to taste

1 cup Jasmine rice and 1 Cup water in a separate small heatproof container

I’ve seen videos and blogs where people have used a pot-in-pot method to cook two different items at one time using their Instant Pot, so I thought I’d try it and hey, it worked! This is a “recipe” I just threw together so by all means, season or tweak the recipe to your own liking 🙂

Rinse 1 cup of jasmine rice until the water runs clear then place the rice in a small metal bowl. Add 1 cup water and a dash of salt. Cover the top tightly with aluminum foil.


In your Instant Pot liner (the insert pot), place 1/2 cup water, the frozen chicken breast chunks, the bag of frozen southwest vegetables and the salsa. I left my chicken whole but it wasn’t quite finished at the end of the cooking time, so I recommend chunks instead of whole 🙂


Place the trivet on top of the chicken mixture. Place the covered rice bowl on the trivet.


Close the lid. Set the timer to manual, 8 minutes, and the vent to sealing.


I cooked the “meal” for 8 minutes and then let it NPR (natural pressure release) for 10 minutes before I carefully finished with a QR (quick release). The rice came out perfect and I was very happy with the texture. The chicken however wasn’t quite cooked enough to shred easily so I took the rice bowl and the trivet out, popped the lid back on and hit manual, 4 minutes. The pot was still hot so it came up to pressure quickly. I did a QR after the 4 minutes, and the chicken was easily shredded.

Place some rice into a dish, top with the shredded chicken/salsa/vegetable mixture, add cheese and cilantro for garnish… and enjoy!


Side note: I do feel that if I had cut the chicken into pieces, it would have cooked in the first allotted time. I’m afraid that adding any more time to original “recipe” would result in sticky rice. If you make this recipe and have any changes or comments, please share below 🙂












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