Work from Home

If you’ve read My Plexus Story, you know I’ve gained my health back in this last year but I didn’t talk much about the business side of Plexus. 

Right now (October) is the perfect month to join Plexus and you have the opportunity to make up to $1400 by only getting a few friends and their friends to join with you. What a great opportunity! Get healthy together with your friends and make some extra money as well…you know, the Christmas season is upon us!! 

So how does it work?? Join my team today (Join here) for $34.95 and get your own replicated website and access to wholesale prices for a YEAR. You purchase a crazy-discounted product pack and get a 60-day money back guarantee. You then get FIVE friends to do the same thing…they each get 3 more to do the same thing. 

Your 5 friends each get $200 + bonuses and you get $1400 + bonuses!!! 

5+3= $1400???? Join now! 

 I’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the best path, whether trying the products as a preferred customer or joining on the business side to bring in an extra income. 

It’s time to join me! Message me today!! 

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