My daily Plexus products – plus a big MAY discount!

May half

I have used Plexus supplements since Sept 2015 and I continue to take the supplements daily because they add so much to my life/health. I signed up to buy the products at wholesale about a month after I started using them, because I felt and saw such a big positive difference in my health – and I look at being an Ambassador like having a Costco membership – one annual fee and I get wholesale prices all year long – plus (unlike Costco lol) I make commission off of my own purchases!

If you’re interested in joining for the discounts, this is a great deal for May!

Please contact me and/or use my link to join – I’ll help you build a team if interested in extra income, or you can just order for yourself with the discount (no minimum monthly purchase) and no required “selling”.

New Ambassadors can save 50% when they join Plexus® by May 31st! Use the following code (as well as my Ambassador #1112376) :



Products I take daily – 

ProBio5 for Gut-health    (2 at bedtime)

Restores Balance.*


  • Keep intestinal yeast in balance*
  • Helps support a healthy intestinal tract*
  • Supports healthy digestion*
  • Helps improve natural response to imbalance*
  • Promotes healthy bacteria counts and pH levels in the gut*

BioCleanse    (2 with breakfast)

Detox & Cleanse.*


  • Help cleanse the gastrointestinal tract*
  • Helps relieve gas, bloating, and discomfort*
  • Helps promote regularity*
  • Helps remove harmful microbes and substances*
  • Relieves occasional constipation*

MegaX       (2 at bedtime)

Good for the heart, good for the soul.*


  • Provides support for a healthy heart*
  • Supports brain health*
  • Supports healthy lipid levels already in the normal range*
  • Helps with stress management*

Joyōme® Skincare  (3 pumps in AM and 3 pumps in PM)

Brilliant by day. Restored by night.


  • Addresses all the top signs of aging including the appearance of expression lines, crow’s feet, frown lines, oversized pores, dark circles, under-eye puffiness, dullness, dryness, loss of elasticity, uneven texture, age spots, redness, and environmental damage.
  • Restores a healthy balance to your skin microbiome with a patent-pending Microbiome Balancing Complex that increases the beneficial microbe S. Epidermidis and combats the damaging microbe S. Aureus.

Illuminating Day Serum

  • Visibly reduces the appearance of expression lines, like crow’s feet and smile lines
  • Plumps and hydrates leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated
  • Reduces the appearance of visible pores
  • Diminishes the appearance of dark circles and puffiness
  • Improves the appearance of skin firmness and elasticity
  • Enhances brightness and radiance
  • Helps to control oil for a luminous matte finish
  • Quenches and rehydrates thirsty skin

Intensive Overnight Repair

  • Deep lines and wrinkles look visibly reduced
  • Visibly tighter, firmer and more lifted looking skin
  • Gently resurfaces for smoother, more radiant-looking skin
  • Diminishes the appearance of age spots
  • Reduces the appearance of redness for more even tone
  • Helps replenish and protect skin’s moisture barrier
  • Lushly moisturizing

You can view the virtual catalog of products here



Thanks for stopping by! Here’s to your Health and Happiness!

Feel free to message me with any questions.

~ Stef











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