My keto why

While Plexus Slim has helped balance my blood sugar and gave me energy (for the last almost 4 years), I felt like my body was maybe getting used to the daily drink. I wasn’t as energetic and clearheaded as I wanted to be. There could be other factors for this as well – if you’ve read my story, you know I have a gene mutation (MTHFR c677t) and an autoimmune disease (Antiphospholipid Syndrome) which both can cause inflammation among other issues.

I had seen some posts and researched a bit about the keto way of eating and that inflammation was disappearing in many people who also had autoimmune diseases.

The end of June 2018 was the start of my journey to fight inflammation without having to take supplements. Within the first two weeks I had such great energy, my joints were less sore and achy, and my mood had greatly improved. By August I was shocked – and delighted – that I had lost inches and had gone down 2 sizes! I was shocked! I really didn’t think I would lose any weight at all.

June 2018 – August 2018

I’ve stuck with this way of eating because for me I have so much more energy, mental clarity, less joint pain, no more migraines, no depression (praise the Lord!)…

This next picture is March 2018 and March 2019


I do continue to take Plexus ProBio5 and Biocleanse daily. I personally feel these supplements and vitamins are needed in my life and I enjoy the difference they make.

I’ve met so many people who have asked my advice on what to eat, how to begin this keto way of eating, needing meal plans and specific grocery lists, etc etc …so, I’m going to try and pick up writing again – and hopefully be consistent! I hope you’ll follow along on my journey. I pray I’m a blessing and encourager to you in whatever your journey may be!

~ Stef 💗

UPDATE 11-23-2019

I just created a Keto Holiday Desserts Ebook – if you’d like easy “sweet” desserts that will help you get through the Holiday season, check it out now and plan ahead!

Keto Holiday Desserts Ebook

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