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Keto friendly desserts

*** UPDATE Nov 23, 2019 ***

Recipe Ebook layout and content was edited to a more professional layout… check it out in this newest post Keto Holiday Dessert Ebook

original post below…

I’m currently working on writing a Keto dessert e-book. My days off from my part-time office job have been filled with writing, researching, baking, taste-testing (YUM!) and alot of clean-up haha!

My goal is to have the e-book ready in the next two weeks so you’ll have some great Keto dessert options for Thanksgiving, family get-togethers, and special occasions.

My advice going into the holiday season – plan ahead! You won’t be tempted to veer from your keto way of life if you have a plan for success. I’ve been strict keto (meaning low carb and no added sugar) since June 2018. Last year the sugary treats and desserts at get-togethers didn’t even tempt me because I planned ahead and had a keto-treat ready at each get-together in case I wanted something for dessert.

I continue the keto lifestyle because for me it’s relieved depression, migraines, inflammation and fatigue. If you need help getting started on a keto journey, or you need some encouragement, meal ideas, daily meal plans etc., feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to help!

Contact info:

Here’s your sneak peek at one of my favorite recipes in the e-book. 

Preface: This is my first e-book, and so far I really like this layout. I do have some font/color editing to do – but I wanted to get this recipe posted quickly! So, it’s still in rough draft – bear with me – but you guys! You need to make this asap! This will be in the “Mugcakes” section of the e-book.

Apple Pie Mugcake


I would love feedback! – have you written an e-book, do you have any critiques about what you see in my layout etc.? Any pointers as I get ready to publish and possibly have a printed version available for purchase? TIA!!

If you make this recipe, please comment below and/or add your own pictures. Thanks for stopping by!


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